What is the methionine used for?

  The role of methionine on laying hens

  laying hens of productivity is very high, each about four times its body weight can produce eggs, so the necessary nutrients and proteins are relatively high. According to scholars, the average daily per layer should be about 16 grams of protein. Egg protein is high quality protein, so the amino acids of protein for egg production must be fully balanced, the best similarity with the whole egg protein. General use of soybean meal and sorghum as the main raw material feed, the sulfur amino acids and not enough to supplement with synthetic amino acids. Experimental results show that adding methionine in laying hens feed can greatly increase the laying rate.

  The role of methionine on broiler chicken

  broiler chickenrearing of usually only 8-9 weeks, from brooding to finishing on the amino acids of the needs of Liangjun very high, in order to allow chickens to have access to enough energy to meet the high-speed growth, we should use high efficiency feed for broiler chickens. The addition of methionine in broiler feed can increase the high-energy protein feed, so that rapid weight gain of chickens, to achieve the objective.

  The role of methionine on the pig

  The pig’s purpose is to produce pig meat, meat production is divided into two parts, (a) of the main formation of muscle tissue to grow, (b) the formation of adipose tissue of fattening period. Growing muscle through protein synthesis, but finishing is the deposition of fat in order to improve the meat. Use the appropriate feed to feed pigs, to improve meat production rates, but the proteins are generally more expensive feed, so in pig feed, adding the right amount of protein methionine can reduce the use of expensive feed, feed conversion rate, thereby increasing efficiency.